Win a Bushnell Aggressor HD Trail Cam


We are giving one lucky winner a Bushnell Aggressor HD Trail Cam for getting in and checking out our new app! All you have to do to enter is download the Deer Tracker app: 


If you have already downloaded the app make sure to refer a friend to get entered! Just hit the menu button in the top right in the app and go to “Invite Friends”.

Q. What is Deer Tracker?
A. Deer Tracker is a tool for helping you track and share the deer activity you’re seeing. You can view deer activity all over the country, or even just in your own neck of the woods.While it’s intended to be a fun and useful tool, it’s also our hope that the data we collectively produce can be used by QDMA to better understand deer populations and to positively influence the experiences of deer hunters everywhere.

Q. Can I use Deer Tracker from my computer?
A. Yes! Visit us at from your desktop computer. Once you sign-in all of your reports will be visible to you on your computer.

What can I do to help make Deer Tracker a success?
Because this app relies on quality reporting from users, the biggest thing you can do to help is to share Deer Tracker with your fellow deer hunters. In addition, please make reports often, and make your reports helpful to other hunters. As sportsmen we all win when more people get out more often. Together we’re building a research tool that has the potential to help shape the future of deer hunting.

Q. What is a heat map?
A. The Deer Tracker map shows deer activity in the form of a heat map. A heat map is a special type of map that shows aggregated information blended together as a trend in a certain area. Think of it like a radar map for weather. The more red an area, the more daytime deer activity you can likely expect to see. The more blue (or lack of color all together) indicates less deer activity reported during shooting hours. All of the colors in between show varying levels of deer activity. The further you zoom out, the more aggregated the heat map will become because it’s showing a trend across a larger area. The closer you zoom in, the more specific the heat will become because it’s showing a trend across a smaller area. Because we use about a 50 mile radius to show heat, rather than using pins, we make it much tougher (if not impossible) to figure out the exact location of a report. We’re deer hunters, too, and we know it can be frustrating when people interrupt a hunt.

Q. Can other people see the exact location of reports?
A. No. We take privacy seriously and will never reveal the exact location of your reports. We aggregate all reports in a region together for display in the heat map. That way we can show useful trends without revealing any specific information. When scrolling through a list of reports, we’ll display the nearest city or town but never anything more specific. No one will be able to figure out where you hunt or scout by using Deer Tracker.

Q. Can other people see who submitted a report?
A. No. We will never reveal your name or any information about you without your permission. However, you can view the reports you have submitted by clicking the menu at the top right of your screen and selecting “Your Reports.”

Q. How accurate is Deer Tracker?
A. Deer Tracker is built with the latest technology, and with the input of expert biologists, insiders and by hunters all across the country. However, we rely on the information you provide. The more accurate the information provided, the better the Deer Tracker becomes. To that end, please do your best to only submit accurate reports. As you probably already know, deer activity in any specific location is not guaranteed – that’s the fun part, right? Use Deer Tracker as a reference and a tool, but please don’t use it as a reason to skip a day in the stand! Instead, use it as a reason to take that extra day off of work.

Q. Who can see my reports?
A. Anyone with the app can see any report you make. Deer Tracker is a social research tool intended to help improve the hunting experience of veteran and new hunters alike. Please don’t share anything you don’t wish for others to see.

Q. Who gets to see my data?
A. All users of the app can see all reports made in the app. At the end of the year, the reports you submit will be aggregated and used by QDMA to begin studying important macro trends in ways not possible before Deer Tracker. Your name and email address will be used for communication by only Powderhook and QDMA. We will not sell, give or provide access to your email address to anyone else. You can unsubscribe from any communication from either organization at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email.

Q. Who can I contact with other questions?
A. Email with any questions. We’re always happy to help! Also, please feel free to make suggestions for improving the app. If we don’t get back to you within a few hours, please know we’re probably in the stand ourselves and we’ll get back to you as soon as that bruiser is out of sight. We’ll almost always respond within 24 hours.


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  1. This contest is fine for people who can afford those fancy cell phones. Please consider that there are also people who don’t have such cell phones, and perhaps because that they don’t want to be tracked by the nosy Gov’t. You are therefore, preventing such people from also participating in your activity.

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