Video: Two Bucks Locked Together Attacked By Coyotes


Nature is a wild and dangerous place. This video shows how two deer in the wild have an obstacle they have to overcome and find ways to survive.

Two bucks were fighting and became locked together. They frantically tried to free themselves from their life-threatening antler lock. Coyotes noticed the two bucks in distress and came to the scene and thought that they were going to get an easy meal. The Bucks were able to fend off those coyotes. This attack won’t be the only attack or obstacle that these two bucks will face while they are locked together.

Byron Haldiman’s parents videoed this intense encounter between the bucks and coyotes. He said that “9 days later the deer were seen on the farm again still locked together and drinking from the creek.” Byron attempted to free the deer from each other but could not get close enough to help. The way that the buck’s antlers got locked together was on the side allowing them to “travel almost as well as a single animal.”


2 thoughts on “Video: Two Bucks Locked Together Attacked By Coyotes”

  1. Cool video. Shows how aggressive coyotes can be when attacking other animals. A couple well-placed rifle shots at the coyotes would have helped those bucks that day. Would be interested to hear a follow-up if they get separated and survive the ordeal.

  2. Very Cool Video! I once came across two bull elk locked together outside of Aspen, Colorado and there was a large pack of coyotes (16-17) of them hanging on to their every move. I watched them for close to an hour and one of them actually fell over from exhaustion. Once that happened the coyotes moved in and he jumped up and must have moved just perfectly because they quickly separated at that point. Aspen Colorado has ALOT of coyotes and a very serious problem with them that probably should be addressed!

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