Top Five Trips to take with Your Dad

Here is a list of the top 5 hunting/fishing trips to take with your dad at some point in your lifetime:


Elk or Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado

Hunting elk or mule deer in the Colorado Rockies is not a walk in the park. Miles and miles of hiking must be done to pursue the game you are after and it requires persistence, determination, and teamwork to make it a successful hunt. They say that going though something challenging with someone will bring you closer together and that is exactly what this hunt will provide. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains and vast amounts of opportunity will provide for a great trip, no matter what the outcome may be.


Salmon Fishing in Washington

Once you see your fly disappear from the top water and you hook into that 12-pound Steelhead, you too, will be hooked. The Hoh River in Olympic National Park, WA has some of the best Steelhead fishing around and it couldn’t be surrounded by better scenery. To make this trip a successful one, teamwork will be crucial. Reading, scouting and fishing a river is a tricky feat, and the perfect combination of these factors can have amazing results. Make sure to have some ice ready for those sore shoulders.


South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

Combine bird dogs, blaze orange and the highest population of ring necks in the country and you get South Dakota pheasant hunting. A typical day of hunting would start the day off with a nice early breakfast before heading out to the fields. After a couple of hours of loud bangs and falling birds, you will usually have your limit within a half day. After that it’s back to the lodge for a hearty lunch and some cold drinks. The rest of the day is spent enjoying each other’s company and cooking up your freshly harvested birds for dinner.


Walleye Fishing in Canada

Canada has some of the best Walleye fishing in the world and it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful wilderness you can find. Canada is home to more lakes then the rest of the world has combined, so I would say you have some options. The first half of the day is spent fishing for your lunch. From fresh water, to the frying pan within a couple of hours- talk about fresh! The second half of the day is spend catching more fish to take home to share with the family. You can’t find better quality father-son time then sitting out on a still lake, jigging for walleyes and capturing memories.


Duck Hunting in Missouri

The mornings are painfully early and awfully brisk, but pushing through it is surely worth the reward. Once you’re out in the pit blind and the propane heaters are finally starting to thaw your shivering body, you can enjoy watching the sun rise over the decoys. The next thing you know you have a flock coming in with landing gear out and you hear those one and a half words, “Take ‘em!” After a couple hours of feathers flying, a good in-blind breakfast is in order along with good conversation and followed by more flying feathers.

The bottom line: Any trip with your Dad can be an awesome one. Success is not based on your fish count or filling your tags, but on the adventures taken and camaraderie established throughout the course of your trip. Make any trip a Top 5 in your own book.


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  1. I love the outdoors. My Dad has fished for salmon in Washington and he has loved it. I think it would be cool to go on a fishing trip with him and fish the Hoh River like the article suggested. Looks like a lot of fun.

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