Top 5 Things to do with Your Antlers

Top 5 things to do with your antlers

5. Decorate.  Whether they’re the yearling set of spike sheds your daughter found while spring turkey hunting last year or the trophy 10 point your grandpa killed in the 50’s, antlers are always a great conversation piece.  Hung on the wall or arraigned on a shelf, they’re sure to spark the curiosity of your guests.


4. Feed them to your dog.  Believe it or not, antlers as dog chews are one of the fastest growing dog treats on the market today.  They’re an all natural, renewable resource, that every dog loves.  What better way to share your love of the outdoors with your pooch than substituting your new set of shoes for an antler?


3. Make one into a knife handle.  There is nothing that oozes more awesomeness outside of a Chuck Norris roundhouse than a knife with a handle carved out of antler.


2. Make furniture out of them.  From lamps and chandeliers, to cabinet handles and wine racks, there are endless possibilities for what can be done with a pile of sheds.

                  chandelierantler tray

1.  Substitute it for your purple pills.  Deer antlers are used in many Asian herbal remedies, namely as an aphrodisiac.  Antlers can help us during the rut also, who knew?


About the author: Chris Dietrich serves as the data and sales coordinator for  In his spare time he is one of the largest antler buyers in the Midwest and produces his own antler dog treats and housewares.


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