The Question That Will Save Hunting

It’s been well documented hunting license buyers are declining as a percentage of the US population. Beginning around age 65, license sales begin to plummet drastically, as hunters begin to have physical, financial, geographic, or other limitations. While the overall decline in total licenses sold has been very slow, the largest cohort of hunters, the Baby Boomers, are nearing the proverbial license buying “cliff.” Alarmingly, the cohort of Millennials who must replace them appears to be significantly smaller. Analyzing the data in the video below can lead one to some grim conclusions for our North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Video and Data Credit: Dr. Loren Chase, Arizona Game and Fish


Hundreds of entities including businesses, organizations, and agencies, as well as individuals in positions of leadership in the hunting industry have turned their focus to this very real threat. But can their concerted efforts do enough, fast enough?  No one knows, but what we do know is our industry needs the help of the individual sportsman and woman.

The one sure way we can change is to engage people at the local level in affecting this trend in their own lives. No single program, no marketing campaign, no app, or website can do what the readers of this story can do by stepping up and getting involved. It’s up to us as individual sportsmen and women to do the work.

So, here’s the big question: Do more people hunt because of you, or do fewer people hunt because of you? If everyone you hunt with, and everyone they hunt with could answer “more,” we will secure our collective hunting heritage long into the future.

Let’s start asking.


4 thoughts on “The Question That Will Save Hunting”

  1. More i think that each one of my hunting friends feed off each others enthusiasm and enjoyment and we all try to take our kids or even someone elses kid each time we can

  2. I have seen a decline in some and a increase in others. I tell people all the time with kids to take their kids hunting or fishing. Because without them there might not be any chance of hunting or fishing in the future. Don’t just get kid’s outdoors but adults that may have never been also.

    Good luck in the outdoors to you all!

  3. Let us not forget that many states do not require the purchase of a hunting license after the age of 65. Those hunters may still be out there taking grandchildren hunting and fishing who are to young to buy a license, but both groups are out there just not counted in license data.

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