The more time I spend as a parent the more I realize how much I appreciate my father.  Beyond the values of hard work and caring for others that he instilled in me, what I appreciate most is my love of the outdoors that comes from my time spent in a boat with dad.  Recent articles and other discussions here on IDO have talked about the topic of less youth getting into fishing these days and my biggest hope is that I am able to do as good a job of passing my passion on to my son as my dad did for me.


Browsing through the pictures and reports online I quickly find myself becoming much more excited to see the pictures of young anglers smiling with their catches, regardless of size or species, than pictures of even the absolute trophies.  For me success is becoming less measured in inches or pounds but rather in did my son have a good experience with me today and did I help to pass on my love for fishing to him.  At his young age my goal is about making sure our time on the water is always about quality of the experience and that we’re always having fun. Which meant last summer I started leaving my fishing boat in the garage for family weekends and started building new pattern – Pontoon trolling for large pike and muskies.  The pike and muskies are perfect for kids because they look cool and bite well during high sun conditions, but why pontoon trolling you ask?  Because kids love pontoons!

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