As the deer season heats up around the country, QDMA and Powderhook announced new features to their free app, Deer Tracker, including location-based push notifications for inclement weather and deer hunting reports.

LINCOLN, NE (October 27, 2015) – QDMA and Powderhook announced today the addition of several new features to their app, Deer Tracker. A free iPhone and Android app designed to aid deer hunters in tracking deer observation and harvest activity, Deer Tracker now sends inclement weather warnings, observation reports and harvest reports based on a hunter’s desired location. In addition, users can now “like” and comment on reports and share links with each other.

According to Lindsay Thomas Jr., Director of Communications at QDMA, the team was building off of feedback from their early users and Insiders. “Deer hunting is a way of life for many people. Yet, we get push notifications for all kinds of things we don’t really care about. Users told us they wanted to have observation and harvest reports come to people’s phones in much the same way ESPN might send a football score. It’s a way of following along when you can’t be out in the woods and it might just help you become a better hunter.”

By default Deer Tracker is engineered so hunters have to manually turn notifications on. Once a user arrives at the notifications area of the app, they’ll be greeted with three different options for the messages they wish to receive.

First users click to open the side bar and select “Get Notifications.” Then the hunter selects the city or state and the distance from the area they’re interested in. For example, within 100 miles of Lincoln, Nebraska. Next, the user can choose which notifications they wish to receive. Current options include; Peak Reports, All Reports and Weather Alerts.


“Peak Reports” delivers notifications of peak deer activity in the area. This might be useful for hunters trying to time that extra day off. Or, it can serve as an update on the rut phase in an area of interest.

“All Reports” generates notifications based on observation and harvest reports of any kind. This would be most useful for the deer junky out there who wants to keeps tabs on all the activity they can in a certain area.

“Weather Alerts” notifications save the hunter a bunch of time. When an area of interest is under a winter storm or other inclement weather warning, the hunter gets a notification.

Lastly, hunters can toggle on or off the general notifications all users get. As an example, Powderhook plans to send a push notification to users each time an update to the app is available.


Looking to add an element of interactivity to the app, the team chose to develop a “Liking and Commenting” feature. According to Powderhook founder, Eric Dinger, this feature makes the app much more enjoyable to us. Said Dinger, “It’s helpful to use the app for research before you head out, but with this new feature you have a better reason to browse locations all around the country to see how people are doing. It’s made the app much more fun to use.”


Current users must update their app in order to take advantage of the new features. New users can download the app via Google Play or the App Store.

About Deer Tracker

Deer Tracker is free app for tracking deer observation and harvest reports. The app was made possible through a collaboration between Powderhook and QDMA, Cabela’s, Sitka, Hunting Lease Network, Bushnell, Cabela’s Wildlife and Land Management. To try out Deer Tracker or download the app simply visit www.deertrackerapp.com.



Important links:
QDMA: https://www.qdma.com/join
Deer Tracker web version: www.deertrackerapp.com
Google Play App: http://bit.ly/deertrackerforandroid
Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/deertrackerforiOS
Cabela’s Deer Nation: http://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=851077080
Bushnell: http://bushnell.com/rainguard
Hunting Lease Network: http://www.nationalhuntingleases.com/
Sitka: http://www.sitkagear.com/whitetail-series?utm_source=powderhook&utm_medium=  banner&utm_content=728x120incinerator&utm_campaign=activebenefit
Cabela’s Land and Wildlife Management: http://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=109817280
Powderhook: www.powderhook.com



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