Powderhook’s New Hunter Holiday Gift Guide

Have you noticed how the outdoor industry has become a little overwhelming? 

While it’s great that the evolution of our gear has given us the ability to confidently stretch out to further distances and push ourselves into more treacherous situations. What about the average sportsmen that’s just looking to throw on a jacket from the closet, pick up an affordable rifle, load it with quality ammo off the shelf and go enjoy their time in the field chasing game? Even-more-so, what about the new hunter or kid that doesn’t have much experience and just needs something simple that works?

Below are a couple reviews of products and brands that we are proud to be associated with. They’re simple high-quality products that are easy on the wallet.

Here’s the Point

Powderhook wants the brands that care about the future of hunting to win. Sure, you can buy outdoor gear in a lot of places but this holiday season we urge you to think about where you’re spending your money. Are the brands you are supporting helping make hunting better, or are they making hunting worse? Here’s Powderhook founder, Eric Dinger, on the subject.

Bows Made for Beginners

Getting started in archery can be complicated by the myriad of gadgets and accessories, not to mention the lingo one might think they need to understand about a bow. The Bear Cruzer Lite is perfect for a young person getting started, and will continue to fit them as they grow.

Adaptable Rifle Stock for Any Fit

Savage is known for their accuracy. Now, you can buy a rifle that will fit your growing hunter or shooter with the new Accufit Stock. This stock can get shorter or longer, and can even get taller to fit just about any body size or type. It’s perfect to teach new people how to shoot or to keep in the family for a first rifle.

Purchase from Brands that Support Conservation

There are tons of places to buy gifts this season, but do all of those places support the things you love and care about? Cabela’s is dedicated to supporting conservation so all of us can enjoy hunting, fishing and the great outdoors for generations to come.

Look for Conservation Logos

As you’re looking for gifts for your family and friends this holiday season, look for the brands that support conservation groups. Brands who associate themselves with these organizations truly care about hunting’s future, just like you.

Find Comfort in your Ammo

New hunters have a lot to think about. One thing we recommend for new hunters is to find a rifle and cartridge light enough to be comfortable, while still being heavy enough to get the job done. For that reason, we like to recommend Federal Premium’s Fusion in .243 at 95 grains. It’s a proven caliber and load, and it’s easy on the new hunter’s shoulder.

Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops Events

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have events at all of their locations ready to help you learn things like fly tying, introduction to archery, cooking classes and tons more! Check out the Powderhook app for events in your area.

Federal Supports Hunting

There are a lot of brands out there that say they support conservation but if you saw the check these guys write to conservation every year, you would be shocked. Not to mention all of the support they give individual conservation groups through their donations. But ultimately it’s folks like you that make this lifestyle even possible, and that’s why Federal cares about creating new hunters and shooting in this country.

About Powderhook:
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