Powderhook App Updates

Over the past couple of weeks at Powderhook we have gotten a lot of great feed back from friends, partners, and all of our users which we took and used to make some cool new app updates. You can find these new app updates on Deer Tracker, and Waterfowl Tracker.

unnamed-1Ability to “Like” and comment on reports. 

The “Liking” feature is a fun way to let other hunters know that you appreciate the information they provided. This will encourage them to keep making quality reports. The commenting is useful as means of information sharing. You can ask questions on pretty much anything. “What method were you using? Where you using any decoys or attractants? What gear were you wearing in that cold of weather?”

Receive push notifications. 

Push notifications are going to change the way you hunt and receive information. Not only will you receive push notifications about app updates and general news, we have developed a system where you can set your own locations, radius and type of information you receive.

Set Locations: This will be your hunting location(s). unnamedYou are allowed to add multiple locations to receive reports from giving you an immediate insight for that area.

Set Radius: In what mile radius do you want to receive reports from? You can pick anywhere from 10 miles to 200 miles.

Notifications: You now can decide what notifications you want to receive from each of the locations you have entered. You can select any combination of 3 options. The first option is weather alerts which will give you major weather patterns affecting your locations. Next you can get just peak reports in those areas which are reports that happen around the best hunting time during the season. And finally you can receive all reports within the radius’ of your locations. This is awesome for people who want to see every detail people have to say about your locations’ general area.

All of these changes are live on Android and the web versions of the apps. The iPhone versions will be available next time you get an update. Apple makes us wait 8 days before those can go live.


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