Anti-hunters Receive Desired Outcome

We all love animals. But some of us live in the real world, where each disaster gets cleaned up after the internet outrage tornado blows through. Those of us who use our dollars, our backs, and our brains to conserve wild animals and wild places know this story well. For those who have never purchased a hunting or fishing license and took the liberty to bash hunting, this video is for you.

A Conservationist’s Cry is a video put together by people and organizations in African whose livelihood is tied to hunting – the livelihood that you, the anti-hunter, have decimated. And, if you don’t care about the people and only care about the animals, there’s a horrifying ending just for you.

If, after watching the video, you still don’t believe hunting plays a vital role in conservation, try this:

Ask your Grandpa how many deer there were in his area of the country when he was a kid. How many are there now?

Or, think back to when you were a kid. Do you remember the amount of geese living in your area that you see now?

Hunters and anglers do the real world work of conserving wild animals and wild places. If you want to join in our effort, all you need to do is purchase a hunting or fishing license. Think of it like a membership in the club of people getting things done for the animals and places we both love.

Photo credit: taken from video.


2 thoughts on “Anti-hunters Receive Desired Outcome”

  1. I’m a hunter & fisherman, we need the meat from hunting & fishing. You buy your meat that someone else killed, to keep your hands clean. But they are not clean if you still buy the meat. You are just as guilty as if you killed it yourself.

  2. Having grown up around a farm where cows, pigs, and chickens were raised to feed the family and trade for other necessities, it is a shame to hear some people comment disparagingly about hunting. We (family and friends) didn’t kill anything we were not going to eat, pen raised or hunted. I wish everyone could understand that hunting and the love of the outdoors is not about killing but surviving and feeding. Most of these anti-hunters have never picked peas, green beans, okro, squash, or dug potatoes. These things did not grow in the cans. Hard work puts them there just like hunting puts meat on the table.

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