Leader of Minnesota Youth Program Recognized as Powderhook Local Legend

Powderhook is pleased to recognize Mark Tipler, Executive Director of Minnesota-based Tips Outdoors, as its second Local Legend.

Mark has been an outdoor educator for more than 20 years providing fishing, hunting and archery education to kids and families, through the program that bears his name. Through the years thousands of kids, families, and individual have enjoyed hands-on educational experiences in Minnesota’s Twin Cities region, many of whom now call themselves outdoorsmen.


Leveraging the work of hundreds of volunteers, and a strong partnership with the Minnesota DNR, Tips Outdoors has played a role in developing and training more than 180 Certified Outdoor Mentors in the Minnesota DNR Certified Outdoor Mentor Program

Remarkably, Mark does all he does for others despite immense health challenges.. At age 18 Mark was severely burned over nearly 80% of his body. Because of those burns, Mark now lives with severe chronic pain from the nerve damage the burns caused. Perpetually in pain, Mark recently had surgery to implant a pump that administers medication directly into his spinal column. Despite immense hardships, Mark wakes every day looking to help others.

Like almost all Powderhook Local Legends, Mark seldom receives the kind of attention one would expect a person who has helped so many people might receive. And, like almost all Local Legends, it’s not the recognition, but the satisfaction of knowing he’s made a difference that drives Mark.


Please join Powderhook in recognizing Mark for doing the work of passing along our outdoor traditions. For the thousands of young people whose lives he’s changed, Mark Tipler is truly a Local Legend.

If someone in your area is doing what it takes to be called a Local Legend, shoot Powderhook an email at legends@powderhook.com. Please include some contact info, along with a photo, and a few sentences on why you believe your nominee deserves recognition for their work.


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