Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Spending Those Gift Cards

If you’re a sportsman or woman there’s a 59% chance you received a gift card to Cabela’s or Bass Pro and if you didn’t there’s probably a 98% chance you have an old one sitting around that you’ve totally forgotten about from previous years. Love em or hate em, the money is spent and you’re stuck with some decisions to make. Luckily for you we compiled some of our favorite items to redeem gift cards for.

A Perfect Gun For Mentoring

One Rifle that Powderhook recommends to anyone who is interested in teaching new people to hunt or wants a rifle to share amongst a couple people. This Model 110 rifle from Savage Arms is equipped with an Accufit stock which can adjust in 2 different ways to get the perfect fit for any shooter. You can find various calibers with Savage Accufit at your local Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop.

Make Something Everyone Will Enjoy

One of the greatest parts of hunting is being able to eat what you harvest and share the bounty with those closest to you. But there’s a lot of people out there who don’t like wild game and refuse to eat it. Well Cabela’s makes tons of different spices and marinades that pair perfectly with wild game. Use some of their homemade cure to make some wild game jerky and you won’t be able to make the stuff fast enough.

A Tool for Every Wild Game Cook

Look on any “Essential Kitchen Items” list and good chances you’ll find a cast iron skillet on there. It’s a great tool for home cooks but for outdoorsmen, this is the holy grail of cooking amazing wild game. Get it smoking hot and sear some steaks, or go low and slow for some braised game birds. Throw it right on the fire or bury it under some hot coals. The possibilities are endless.

Support Brands That Support You

Powderhook is a huge supporter of Federal Ammunition because they are actually doing the work that will save the future of hunting. They donate or sponsor to countless programs including 4-H Club, high school trap teams, college shooting sports, etc. Not to mention the fact that they are at every conference concerning the future of hunting. Not only do they make great American made products, they care about their customers so much they are fighting for the lifestyle they love.


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