Event Planning and Product Updates

Powderhook has announced the release of their online event planning and ticket selling platform designed to help individuals and groups in the outdoor community create and manage their events. To schedule a demo, email us at info@powderhook.com.

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“Our online event system allows users to create and manage their events through our easy to use system,” states Powderhook CEO, Eric Dinger.  “Events ranging from banquet tickets for groups like National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) to local fishing tournaments can readily use our system to plan, promote, and sell their tickets.”

The system is designed not only to be quick and easy to use for creating events and selling tickets, but also for those looking to buy tickets.  Greg Plooster of Malcolm, Nebraska recently became the first ever individual to check in to an NWTF banquet using a ticket purchased on Powderhook’s online event system.

Powderhook rolled out a number of new updates to their product, which are listed below:

Event Widget

  • Keeping your events up-to-date across multiple internal and external systems can be a hassle
  • We’ve made it easy with our event widget, visible o the right column of the NWTF website: www.nwtf.org

Smarter search page

  • The search page is now gives you nearby events, and includes smarter sorting options
  • It annotates search results so you know if you’re a member or administrator
  • Give it a try: To see all NWTF events, sorted by distance from you, visit https://www.powderhook.com/nwtf

Notion of membership included with a ticket type

  • A user can configure if their organization offers memberships from the ticketing feature
  • If selected yes, each ticket type can be selected as “Includes Membership”
  • This will show up in downloaded ticket reports, so admins know who gets a membership and who does not

User to user messaging on Powderhook

  • A long requested feature, users now have the ability to send private messages to one another
  • A user can send messages to any of their contacts
  • In addition, a user can send a message to any other user from any of the following:
    • User profile page
    • Card discussion board
    • Card membership page
    • “Ask a question” on a listing show page
  • When a user sends or receives a message, an email is sent

Ticket sales end date

  • Event admins can specify an end date for selling tickets
  • Once the end date has passed, the user visting the join page will be notified and unable to purchase tickets

Validation for tickets

  • Ticket reports now include a ticket code
  • This allows tickets to be validated at the event so that each ticket can only be used once

Simplified ticket reports

  • When downloading a ticket report, an admin will only see basic rows (name, code, etc). This allows the user to print the report on a portrait-oriented paper and only see one row per line
  • However, an admin can also download a “full report” which includes all purchaser and membership information
  • This feature makes it easier to manage check-in at events

Sign up to be notified when event is not yet active

  • When a user visits an event page that is not yet active they now have the option to enter their email address to be notified when the event is made public

“Ask a question” buttons appear on card join pages

  • Users can “ask a question” of the card creator by clicking on a button on the card join page

Soft delete of card members

  • If an event member is deleted, we don’t want to delete their record of purchasing a ticket
  • If they are deleted, a trace of their transaction and presence in the event is kept
  • Their purchase (along with their deletion from the event) is shown in ticket reports
  • The user can also be restored (for now this part is a backend-only feature)

Location requirement removed from cards/new page

  • A card can be created without entering a location

Ticket reports auto-emailed, only if one or more tickets have been sold

  • A few hours before an event, all admins receive an email with ticket reports attached
  • This only happens if the event has sold more than one ticket

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