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Available via the free Powderhook app, the Outdoor Pledge provides a simple guide to aid in decision making for men, women, and children who consider themselves sportsmen.

Lincoln, NE – Powderhook, the outdoor help desk, today announced the availability of the Outdoor Pledge. Built into the Powderhook app, the pledge consists of four promises.

The Outdoor Pledge puts into simple terms the wisdom of generations of sportsmen, mindful of the reality that for many people time spent outdoors with their teachers is scarce. Through this initiative, Powderhook seeks to unite the individuals and groups that care about the true meaning of what hunting and fishing is all about: being a steward of the land, promoting goodwill through strong ethics, honoring the beauty and fragility of nature, and teaching the next generation to do the same. Continue reading TAKE THE OUTDOOR PLEDGE

Powderhook App Goes Live Nationwide

LINCOLN – Powderhook announced Tuesday the nationwide launch of its mobile application, providing sportsmen and sportswomen hyper-local answers to their outdoor questions. Via the Powderhook app, users now have free access to local information about outdoor events and activities, hunting and fishing opportunities, and free maps of public lands, lakes, and rivers across the country.

According to Powderhook founder Eric Dinger, the app fills an important gap and represents a totally revamped approach for the tech startup. Continue reading Powderhook App Goes Live Nationwide

Our Best Update Yet!

We have gotten a lot of great feedback from you guys over the past couple weeks and we are proud to say that we’ve pushed out a version that we are really excited about! As always, reach out to us if you have any ideas or thoughts on the Powderhook app so we can keep improving it for you. Check out what we’ve pushed:


Create an Outdoor ID
Introducing OutdoorID. That’s our term for a handle. Think of it like a Twitter handle. You now have the option to post and comment in the app with or without your OutdoorID. This is the minimum viable version of a big idea. Make sure you claim your ID before someone gets all the good names. Get yours in the Account Settings area of the “Me” section.

Updated Map Layers
Dora the Explorer’s map would be proud. We made some major improvements to our map, including a few new layers and a simple way to toggle things on and off. You can change the background layer between 3 options: outdoors, satellite and topographic. On top of those layers you can choose to turn on: public land, lake contours, event pins and one of three different animal activity layers (deer, turkey or waterfowl). Look for lots more fun stuff here down the road.
View Outdoor Events in Your Area
Outdoor related events are now visible in the Chatter feed, plus we’ve also added a layer in the map so you can see all the events in one place. Just click the “Layers” button in the bottom right of the map and toggle on the “Events” layer. We pull these events (there are thousands) from all over the internet so we are sure you can find events in your area.

Information Pop-Up Box for Public Ground & Lakes
Click on a public land boundary. Now you’ll get a little pop-up with the name of the public land, what town it is located near, the county, the number of acres it encompasses and directions to that location. We’ve included an “Info” button which will do a google search for that public area allowing you to do more research on your own. Down the road we’ll add a review feature for actual reviews of public ground.


Nested Commenting
Lastly, you can now reply to comments. Comment on comments. Comment on replies. You get it. This feature allows people to have more directed conversations on certain posts and allows people to collapse comments that they are not interested in.




The more time I spend as a parent the more I realize how much I appreciate my father.  Beyond the values of hard work and caring for others that he instilled in me, what I appreciate most is my love of the outdoors that comes from my time spent in a boat with dad.  Recent articles and other discussions here on IDO have talked about the topic of less youth getting into fishing these days and my biggest hope is that I am able to do as good a job of passing my passion on to my son as my dad did for me.

photo-1-725x540 Continue reading TEACHING MY SONS TO LOVE FISHING

Waterfowl Tracker: Enter to Win a $250 Gift Card to Cabela’s


We are giving one lucky winner a $250 gift card to Cabela’s for getting in and checking out our new app! All you have to do to enter is download the Waterfowl Tracker app: 


If you have already downloaded the app make sure to refer a friend to get entered! Just hit the menu button in the top right in the app and go to “Invite Friends”.

Continue reading Waterfowl Tracker: Enter to Win a $250 Gift Card to Cabela’s

Cecil the Lion Would Want You to Hunt

Take a couple minutes to watch this video.

Nick Pinizzotto, CEO of the US Sportsmen’s Alliance, has been making the rounds. Once again thrust into the spotlight following a period of white-hot internet outrage, Nick is a thoughtful leader in a time when the lines between social media sensationalism and what we used to call journalism seem blurry. Please watch and share his interview on CBS This Morning. Powderhook commends CBS for seeking answers, rather than simply clicks.

The fact is, only the people involved know what happened in Zimbabwe. If things played out the way they have been reported, no one will be harder on the alleged perpetrators than the hunting community. But, if we find out they didn’t, who will help the dentist, his family, his employees and their families pick up the mess our outrage culture has created?

Not one person we’ve met during our time in the hunting industry believes in killing wild animals for “sport.” Hunting lions in Africa is not something most hunters would do, but it’s also not something most people are qualified to judge. The way the system of wildlife conservation – and the conservation of a lot of things we collectively value – works requires the animal to have a value. Not value given by God, but a value driven by human consumption. Such is the hand of the apex omnivore. Without that economic value, wild places must be plowed up in favor of crop fields or strip malls in order to support the people who inhabit them. Or, they must be left alone and supported by some other means, such as hunting license sales, taxes or easements. As the middle class expands throughout the world, and our consumerism-driven population grows, this problem will only get worse.

Our solution: offer to take someone hunting or fishing with you. When they buy their license, teach them how that money is used for conservation – to buy and preserve the land that doesn’t grow the food they eat, but rather the land and water where our precious wild things live.

Cecil, Jericho and all other wild animals, even those without names, need wild places to survive. Until there is another viable model of conservation and management, Cecil would want you to hunt.

About the author:

Eric Dinger is the co-founder and CEO of, a website built to help people find access to hunting and fishing spots, trips, groups and events. He can be reached at