Awesome Powderhook App Updates

Newly Updated Depth Contours


We have upgraded our map with high quality, super accurate  depth contours for absolutely no charge. Not only did we improve the quality of the contours, we also added to our database thousands of lakes that we were missing before. With these new depth contours, you can pinpoint exactly what depth you are in down to the foot so you can always be right in the action.

Public Grouds Information Pop-Up


“Powderhook has so much public ground on their map, but how am I suppose to find more information about them?” Not to worry! We have now added an information pop-up for each one of our public grounds and lakes marked on the map. Need directions? You can hit the “Directions” button and it will open your phone’s GPS to the corresponding location on the Powderhook map. Want to find out more information? Do a little research and hit the “Info” button to Google search for that location inside of our app.

Newly Designed Chatter Feed 


We changed up the Chatter Feed a little bit to make it more visually appealing. The main changes are that images will now take up the entire width of your screen to allow for better image quality and, if you are a Digital Mentor, then your badge will show up on all of your posts and replies. “What’s a Digital Mentor?” Glad you asked.



Earn New Mentoring Badges 


Powderhook has a couple of featured badges that are available to earn, the Digital Mentor badge andthe Outdoor Pledge badge. We teamed up with Cabela’s Outdoors Fund and Pass It On Outdoor Mentors to build  the Digital Mentor badge which represents a person who vows to use the app to provide advice and tips, make it easier for new people to begin, and help people of all experience levels enjoy better days outdoors. Powderhook’s Outdoor Pledge is 4 different statements that one must vow to uphold as a passionate steward and teacher of our outdoor way of life.

Track States You’ve Hunted & Fished


I bet you’ve never counted the number of states you’ve hunted or fished! Here at Powderhook we thought it would be fun to track how many states you have hunted in or fished in and display a picture of the US with those states shaded in. This map will be saved in your profile anytime you need to update it and it is really easy to share to social media so you can brag to all of your friends!


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