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Latest Gobble Map Updates

Now that Gobble Map has been in the wild for a while, we’ve been busy working on ways to make it even better. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates to Gobble Map. Jump onto Google Play or the iOS App Store and download version 1.2.2 to check them out!

Include a Photo with Your Reports

When you create a Gobble Report, you have the option to take a photo or upload an existing photo. The photo will be included with the report so others viewing your report can see what you were seeing! You’ll now see the following buttons when you’re creating a new report:

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 11:56:07

When you’re viewing Gobble Reports in list view, reports that include an image will be annotated with a camera icon. Click on the report to view its image.

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 11:56:52

Invite Friends with Facebook

Gobble Map is more fun with friends. That’s why we’ve made it easy to sync your Facebook account so that you can invite friends to download Gobble Map.

Simply open the menu (by tapping top right), and select “Invite Friends”. From there, tap the “Invite Friends with Facebook” button. Your friends will receive an invite to check out Gobble Map on their mobile devices.

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 11:59:08

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 12:01:11

Invite Contacts with a Text Message

You can also invite your contacts with a text message. We’ll pre-load the text message with the download link, and you can send it to contacts of your choice. Simply open the menu (by tapping top right), and select “Invite Friends”. From there, tap the “Invite Your Contacts” button. The text message interface will open on your device.

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 12:03:17

What’s new on Powderhook?

Did you know you can now invite someone to an event on Powderhook without requiring them to buy a ticket? Say you’re an event administrator and you’d like event volunteers to be able to join your event card on Powderhook, but they’re not required to buy a ticket since they’re volunteers.

Screenshot from 2015-03-09 11:14:20

Now, when you invite someone to your event, you’ll see a check box under their name that reads “This person requires a ticket to join.” By default, it’s checked. That means the invitee will be required to select an available ticket and purchase it before joining the Powderhook event card. If you decide to not to check the box, the invitee will be allowed to (optionally) skip selecting tickets and be placed directly in the event!

Screenshot from 2015-03-09 11:13:08

If you invite someone with this feature, direct them to look for the blue text under the “Get Tickets” button that reads “Or, join within a ticket by clicking here.” They’ll see this text on the ticket selection page on Powderhook. When they click on the blue text, they’ll be placed directly in the event card. Of course, they can always return to the ticketing page and get tickets later!

Please note, the invitee must be signed in to Powderhook to see the option of skipping ticket selection. Let us know what you think!

What’s new on Powderhook?

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks here at Powderhook. We’re excited to announce several new updates on our website that make it even easier to find and create access to the outdoors. Here’s a rundown:

1. Invite and assign tickets to other people.

Screenshot from 2015-02-25 11:43:43

You can already search for thousands of events on Powderhook, and get tickets with just a few clicks. Now, when you get tickets to an event you can:

  • Claim the ticket for yourself
  • Invite someone to claim the ticket by email
  • Enter the information for someone else, and give them the ticket

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