A Letter to the Nebraska State Legislature

The following letter was written by Powderhook CEO, Eric Dinger, to the Nebraska State Legislature. Please join Powderhook in working in your state to strike down anti-hunting, senseless legislation like the permanent ban on mountain lion hunting proposed by radical Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers.


My name is Eric Dinger. I live in Senator Bolz’ district here in Lincoln. Please include my email in the testimony presented at tomorrow’s committee hearing on LB 127.

Our company, Powderhook, operates an online hunting and fishing industry marketplace. We work with folks all over the country to find places to hunt and fish, access outdoor events and plan trips.

I’m writing today to tell you that I’m concerned about our mountain lions. More than just the mountain lions, I’m concerned about the precedent LB 127 would set as it relates to the management of our wildlife and wild places here in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission employs dozens of experts on the management of animals, habitat and our natural ecosystem. Through the history of their existence they have responsibly managed healthy populations of nearly all species of both game and non-game animals. Can you remember the last story you read about an endangered species in Nebraska? If you can remember one, my guess is you heard about it because of the work the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission was doing to restore its population. These are the folks who are qualified, care about and are compensated to do the very thing LB 127 seeks to strip from them. And, by all accounts they do a great job of it.

As a sportsman, and as an outdoor industry member, I urge you to join me in viewing LB 127 as a clear and reckless political stunt. I urge you to ask Senator Chambers difficult questions about his knowledge of the North American Model of Conservation. I urge you to ask if he’s ever studied the habitat, the behavior, the migration patterns, the feeding practices or any other meaningful information relative to the mountain lion. I urge you to ask if he’s ever spoken to someone who has hunted a mountain lion, or someone who’s livelihood was hurt because of a mountain lion. Please ask him if his agenda on mountain lions has anything to do with his knowledge or love of the outdoors. Maybe you’ll find it has only to do with political gamesmanship.

Even the most ardent anti-hunting members of your constituency cannot argue with the success of the wildlife management practices afforded to our state by hunters. Hunters are the conservationists in your life. Anti-hunters spend almost no money on the responsible management of habitat or wildlife. They simply spend their money on smear campaigns and lobbyists in hopes of influencing folks like you.

I’m very proud of our unicameral and I understand the need to give and take with a highly influential Senator like Mr. Chambers. However, it’s really clear our legislature has no business being involved in wildlife management decisions. We have qualified people to make those decisions and they are doing a responsible job of doing so.




One thought on “A Letter to the Nebraska State Legislature”

  1. Excellently presented Eric!
    And I fully agree, leave wildlife mgmt decisions up to the professionals in the NE Game and Parks…not in the hands of legislators. Not only would LB 127 be a bad law…it would establish a terribly harmful precedent of legislators deciding to set game laws.
    I lived in Omaha, NE for 15 years before moving to Washington state a year ago and I have a farm in northern Missouri. I’m an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, conservationist and Midwesterner at heart. Please don’t let the legislature start mingling with wildlife mgmt!
    On a side note…I thought Sen. Ernie Chambers had reached his term limits for serving? He had always represented a district in the city of Omaha? Why is he pushing this…follow the money to find out?

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