5 Things You Can Do to Grow Digital Mentoring

Digital Mentoring is in its infancy. If you’re reading this article you’re one of about 400 people nationwide who have jumped on board early in the process. There’s much to be done, but our work is just, and we’re already making a real difference. Here are 5 things you can do right now to grow the impact of Digital Mentoring.

  1. Share the app – We receive a lot of positive feedback about the program. But, one thing we’re hearing is many mentors aren’t getting enough questions to stay engaged. Having more mentors than people needing mentoring is pretty much the opposite of the problem every other mentoring program we’ve heard of! So, please share the app with a friend, with your Facebook followers, or with your neighbor who volunteers as a Boy Scout leader. All they need is this URL and they can get the app: www.powderhook.com.
  2. Talk to your local DNR – Fish and Wildlife Agencies around the country are looking for programs like Digital Mentoring. If you think it can help people in your state, please share the app with a person you know in your local agency.
  3. Answer questions in other areas – When someone near you asks a question you get a push notification. But, not every question is getting a quick answer. To look around in other areas, just open the Map and move your location. Then click back on “Chatter” and you’ll see the posts from that area. All questions are marked with an orange “Question” line. If you can’t answer it, perhaps you could share the question with a friend in that area who might be able to.
  4. Send us feedback – As one of our early adopters, is so important to us that you really like being a Digital Mentor. Is something annoying you? Would the app be better if it just did X,Y, or Z? Don’t be shy, we need your critiques in order to get this thing right.
  5. Provide great answers – Google can get people lots of information. But, what Google can’t give people is what you know. The experiences, the ideas, the techniques, all of those little tidbits that have served you as a sportsmen can really help a new person. Feel free to post things in the app, whether in answer to a question or not. And, when you do come across a question, please do your best to answer in a manner than can really help the person asking.

Hundreds of people have already benefited from you, our Digital Mentors. But, as we always say, we’re not worried about the masses, we’re dead set on enriching lives one-by-one. Each and every person you help may turn into a lifelong sportsmen, teaching their kids and grandkids the lessons you teach them. We think that’s pretty cool.

Thanks for doing what you do.


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