Hunt of a Lifetime

Powderhook team member Marty Hogan made his way up to Alaska for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Here is his story:

Last fall, my dad invited me on a trip he was planning. This was not just any trip, but an Alaskan moose, black bear and grizzly hunt. Naturally, my reaction was HELL YEAH! We flew to Anchorage and then took a floatplane to Rainy Pass Lodge, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. We had hundreds of miles of untouched wilderness all to ourselves.

IMG_1077 1
(Right after we got off off the float plane)

Two days after arriving, we saddled up our horses and started our two-day journey to the campsite. It was 15 hours on horseback through brush so thick that you couldn’t see your own horse’s head. The first two days at the campsite were miserable; wind and rain confined seven shower-deprived men to a 14×16 tent with nothing to do but play cards.

IMG_1136 1
(My dad leading the way on out 15 hour horseback ride)

The next day, there was a clearing in the weather, and my dad had spotted a big bull moose. We stalked up the mountain and found him laying down about 60 yards in front of us. As we made our way closer, the bull stood up and my dad pulled his trigger. He took the 1,800-lbs beast down with one cowboy-style shot. The guide was very impressed with the power behind my dad’s 300 Ultra Mag because it usually takes several rounds to bring moose that big to the ground.

(My dad and I right after the kill)

Unfortunately, I had to cut my trip short due to upcoming college exams, but my dad continued his adventure by bagging both a grizzly and a black bear. Sharing that trip with my dad was truly a blessing. No one can comprehend how much that experience meant to us regardless of how many times we tell the story. It was a had-to-be-there moment.

(Dad Left, Mo the pack horse Middle, Steve the guide Right)
(Dad Left, Mo the pack horse Middle, Steve the guide Right with a full rainbow and our white tent in the background)

My advice: If you can, go hunt with your Dad. Don’t be the one wishing you were there… Fresh Air Awaits!

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3 thoughts on “Hunt of a Lifetime”

    1. It was a process! We shot the moose with only 2 hours until dark. They have a pretty strict rule about not being out on horseback when it’s dark, for obvious reasons (bears, wolves, rugged terrain). It was going to be a two day process:

      Right after we took pictures, we had to get the hide off ASAP so the meat did not spoil over night. We quartered it and tried to hide them in the brush (like that would fool a grizz). We took all of the good cuts of meat and had to head back to camp for the night.

      The next day we went back and took an extra horse to help us pack the meat out. They have very strict rules about cleaning your game in Alaska and you cannot take the antlers until all the meat is cleaned off of the moose. We loaded up the pack horse and headed out. Frankly, I was very impressed that this horse could cary 4 whole moose quarters plus some!

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