11 things every avid deer hunter understands


1) It’s just a squirrel. Again. Just a ^&#*@# squirrel.

2) That nice shooter buck you’ve been patterning for a month? Yeah, he’ll be on the other side of the county come opener.


3) Sticks, jerky, steaks, slab jerky, jalapeno sticks and summer sausage for every meal, holiday, party and hunting trip from here until your friends steal it all.

4) The shakes – that uncontrollable shot of adrenaline you get when a plan comes to together.

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5) Listening to your Uncle tell the same story you’ve heard 19 times and wondering how, over time, the buck gets bigger, the day gets colder, and the shot gets further.

6) The day that email comes with news you drew the unit you hoped for.

7) Getting up at 5am never sounded so good… so, you get up at 3 and anxiously lay awake for a few hours.

8) That giddy feeling of anticipation you got the first time you ever went and still get almost every time you go.


9) 1032 pictures of raccoons, four of a family of skunks and a blurry one of the great-grandson of the buck you’re after… how is that even possible?

10) Watching the new guy get the shakes for the first time. Laughing together when you notice he’s still shaking 3 hours later.

11) Willingly pouring the urine of another animal on your body… then thinking through how they got it into the bottle in the first place.


Firearm seasons are opening across the country. Have fun and be safe. If you need a place to hunt, check out Powderhook.com/map. Good luck and send pictures!

Trying to convince that buddy that doesn’t hunt to join you? Here’s some good ammo for ya.


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