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This is the first of a five part series from Powderhook.

Our Outdoor Future: Five Insights for the Future of Hunting, Fishing and Shooting Sports

“A simpler, more open and transparent way of doing business across our industry is the only way we can ensure the future of our way of life.”

Eric Dinger, co-founder and CEO, Powderhook

In a little under two years of work on the access problem, Powderhook has learned a lot. Based on what we’ve learned, we’ve created five concepts we believe to be imperative for the future of our way of life. These insights represent, in our view, a cultural shift in thinking for our industry. Examples from other industries are provided as a means to rationalize each argument. It is our hope this series can serve as a springboard for new ideas and better solutions.


Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to book a hotel room? You can book the same hotel room across dozens of websites. Knowing that, have you ever really asked yourself why it’s so hard to find a duck blind to sit in, a place to hang your deer stand, or the upcoming 3-gun competitions in your area? The fundamental underlying issue is our industry lacks a standard tradable good — a commodity, like a “room night” for hotels.


“Access” means several things, and somehow nothing all at once. It could mean a lease; a trespass fee; a role on a shooting team; a seat in a blind or a spot in your friend’s truck. We believe the industry, in the interest of standardizing this commodity, will come to define access as “the right to be in a spot for a period of time” — effectively, our version of a room night. This is a natural conclusion given we buy, sell and trade periodic access to all kinds of things, including movies, concerts, vacation rentals and cars. But, what should we call ours?

Industry leaders often speak of the need to introduce new and different audiences to hunting, fishing and shooting. The development of a commodity is one of the best ways to do so. Commodity in hand, we could begin providing the opportunity and incentive for partners from affiliated industries to get to work marketing, giving, trading, buying and selling our collective access assets, regardless of who owns or creates them. Again, hotels serve as a solid model of this concept. It is simple for a customer to book the same hotel room via a travel site like Expedia, via a hotel broker such as, via a trip planner such a travel agent, via search site like Google and many more. Because the hotel has made its rooms a commodity, it benefits from marketing reach it could never afford on its own.

About the author:

Eric Dinger is the co-founder and CEO of, a website built to help people find access to hunting and fishing spots, trips, groups and events.  He can be reached at

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Latest Gobble Map Updates

Now that Gobble Map has been in the wild for a while, we’ve been busy working on ways to make it even better. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates to Gobble Map. Jump onto Google Play or the iOS App Store and download version 1.2.2 to check them out!

Include a Photo with Your Reports

When you create a Gobble Report, you have the option to take a photo or upload an existing photo. The photo will be included with the report so others viewing your report can see what you were seeing! You’ll now see the following buttons when you’re creating a new report:

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 11:56:07

When you’re viewing Gobble Reports in list view, reports that include an image will be annotated with a camera icon. Click on the report to view its image.

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 11:56:52

Invite Friends with Facebook

Gobble Map is more fun with friends. That’s why we’ve made it easy to sync your Facebook account so that you can invite friends to download Gobble Map.

Simply open the menu (by tapping top right), and select “Invite Friends”. From there, tap the “Invite Friends with Facebook” button. Your friends will receive an invite to check out Gobble Map on their mobile devices.

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 11:59:08

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 12:01:11

Invite Contacts with a Text Message

You can also invite your contacts with a text message. We’ll pre-load the text message with the download link, and you can send it to contacts of your choice. Simply open the menu (by tapping top right), and select “Invite Friends”. From there, tap the “Invite Your Contacts” button. The text message interface will open on your device.

Screenshot from 2015-04-21 12:03:17

Nascar Driver Ryan Newman Endorses the NWTF Gobble Map

Nascar driver, avid hunter and NWTF spokesman Ryan Newman recently added his name to a growing list of users of the Gobble Map.

Updates and downloads available for iOS and Android users:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Visit us online at

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If you could be a NASCAR driver or have your own hunting show, which would you pick?

Posted by Powderhook on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3GN and Partner to Help Grow the Sport

Club and Training Events to be Shared with New Outdoor Audience

With more than 93 partner clubs nationally and internationally, the 3-Gun Nation Club Series has started something revolutionary and brand new for the sport of 3-Gun. An actual association of clubs and events that host 3-Gun shooting on a weekly basis, at the local level.
Displaying map_with_pins.png
The 3-Gun Nation Club Series is simple, and constantly evolving its platform to better serve 3GN members and Club Series participants. By joining as a 3-Gun Nation member, participants receive a high-end print magazine delivered to their home, a member decal, as well as a membership ID number and card. This 3GN Member ID number allows you to manage an online profile, upload scores and achieve a classification ranking against some of the top shooters in the country.
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QDMA Partners with Powderhook to Provide Hunters More Access


Quality Deer Management Association

For Immediate Release

April 1, 2015

QDMA Partners with Powderhook to Provide Hunters More Access

To help provide deer hunters with more access to go afield, the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has partnered with Powderhook, the resource for connecting hunters and fishermen with places to enjoy their passion.

“We are excited to partner with QDMA and help deer hunters everywhere in our quest to help create access for all, now and into the future,” said Chris Dietrich, Powderhook’s Sales and Pro Staff manager. “The partnership will greatly benefit the hunting community by combining Powderhook’s software with QDMA’s proven approach to Quality Deer Management. Users will be able to learn more about QDMA events, purchase tickets for them, and connect with others in the outdoors – all through the Powderhook experience.”

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NWTF’s New Gobble Map App

Turkey hunters across the U.S. are now able to check turkey activity in their area thanks to the Gobble Map from Powderhook and the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) made possible by Alps Outdoorz and sponsored by Yamaha Outdoors, Federal Premium Ammunition, and Nationwide. “Powderhook and the NWTF are working hard to provide some of the most reliable and relevant information to the modern hunter,” said Eric Dinger, Powderhook co-founder and CEO. “Hunters can research turkey activity as it relates to their local turkey season.” The user driven Gobble Map, released on March 23, through Google Play and Apple app stores, allows users to post and view turkey sightings with information about frequency and size of the turkey flocks. The map displays a general location of the activity “heat”, helping to keep hunters locations private. Gobble Map   2 “Hunters play the biggest role in conservation efforts across this country through purchasing licenses, firearms and ammunition,” said Doug Saunders, NWTF executive vice president of marketing and development. “These days, a hunter may only have limited time to prepare for and plan a hunt. We want to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for an enjoyable time in the woods so they continue to carry on our hunting heritage.”

The 5 Signs Turkey Season Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

How many of these describe you?

1) Your diagphram call has become a permanent addition to your mouth.

2) The thought of this many months between deer and turkey season must be someone’s idea of a sick joke.

3) You’ve become an NWTF banquet junkie to get your fix of turkey talk.


4) The phrase “Grand Slam” makes you flash to images of Eddie Salter rather than Babe Ruth.

5) We all know that Thanksgiving really coincides with the spring opener.

Who’s ready to see one of these guys this spring?


Your Public Land is at Risk!

There’s 640 million acres of public federal land in the United States that is open and available for citizens to enjoy year round. This may not be the case if action is not taken soon because legislation is being proposed to transfer federal land to the states so they can manage land as they wish. This may sound like a good thing to some, but there are some very serious issues that need to be looked at before drawing any conclusions.

In The Past 

One of the main problems is once a state takes possession of the land, it is likely to sell it for short-term financial gain which makes that land private permanently. Nevada, for example, was given 2.7 million acres when it became the 36th state in the union in 1864. It now has only 3,000. Utah has sold more than 50 percent of its original land grant and other states show the same pattern of selling off public land. States just do not have it in their budgets to manage the newly owned land and therefore have to turn to alternative actions.

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Powderhook Team Helps Launch Online Ticket Sales At NWTF National Convention and Sport Show

Powderhook Team Helps Launch Online Ticket Sales At NWTF National Convention and Sport Show.

The Powderhook team recently arrived back from participating in the 39th annual NWTF National Convention and Sport Show at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. While in Nashville, Powderhook helped launch online ticket sales for NWTF on a grand scale, providing a “Skip the Line” opportunity for those with a smartphone that wanted to avoid the deep ticket counter lines. With over 800 tickets sold, the promotion was an outstanding success.


With the conclusion of the National Convention and Sport Show, Powderhook will announce their 30 Trips in 30 Days promotion with NWTF to donate 1 hunting or fishing trip per day to the chapter with the most online ticket sales for that day through Powderhook. Please support your local NWTF chapter by purchasing your tickets online at, or from the NWTF website,


If you’d like to learn how to build and manage your own outdoor related events on the Powderhook platform, contact Chris at