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Powderhook and Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors Release Digital Mentoring App


Eric Dinger, CEO Powderhook

Lincoln, NE-  Powderhook and Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors announced today the release of a revolutionary Digital Mentoring program delivered via the Powderhook app. The app functionality will provide hunters and anglers with ready access to Digital Mentors in their area. Digital Mentors who use the app provide advice and tips, making it easier for new people to begin, and helping people of all experience levels enjoy better days outdoors. Funding for the development of the program was provided by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund. Continue reading Powderhook and Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors Release Digital Mentoring App

Coming Soon: Digital Mentoring

In all likelihood, you got started hunting, fishing, or shooting because someone took the time to share our way of life with you. Times have changed. Not as many people are learning what we learned as kids. But, that type of mentorship holds answers for the future of the outdoor industry. Beginning this hunting season, Powderhook app users will have the opportunity to become digital mentors.  As a digital mentor each of us can do our part in getting more people outdoors more often. With just a couple minutes of time, through an app on your phone, you can truly help someone take a step forward into a part of the world we all care about so deeply.

Here’s the scoop: Continue reading Coming Soon: Digital Mentoring

Collective Impact: Answers for the Outdoor Industry

Ever heard of the shooting game “knockout?” The game is pretty simple. A clay target is thrown with the first shooter in a line getting the first chance to shoot it. If that person misses, the next shooter has a chance to “knock them out” by breaking the target. With each miss another shooter gets a chance to break the target, until finally the target hits the ground. If everyone misses, no one gets knocked out. The winner is the person who successfully knocks out their competition by shooting the targets missed by those before them. It’s a fun, simple way to pass some time on the range – and potentially make a few bucks, if you’re the best shot in your bunch. In many ways knockout resembles the approach we humans take to solving big, important problems.


Continue reading Collective Impact: Answers for the Outdoor Industry

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Partners with Powderhook to Deliver Hyper-Local Outdoors App to Kansas Residents

Use of the App Unlocks Special Discounts and Offers for Outdoor Pleasures from Major Retailers, Industry Brands and Non-Profit Companies

Today Powderhook is announcing our partnership with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism today to provide a hyper-local app dedicated to the outdoorsmen and women of Kansas, free of charge. For the first time, Kansas residents and visitors can have real-time access to local information about outdoor events and activities, hunting and fishing opportunities and free topographical maps of Kansas in one convenient app. Helping provide local expertise include representatives from leading national and regional non-profit organizations including the National Wild Turkey Federation, Delta Waterfowl and Pass it On – Outdoor Mentors; major brands including Yamaha, Cabela’s, Bohning Archery and ACTIVE Network; in addition to students and faculty from Kansas State University’s Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management program. The Powderhook app is available for both Android and iOS.

Our app provides users with access to thousands of location-based hunting and fishing events and resources gathered from across Kansas, allowing residents and visitors to take advantage of the many outdoors opportunities available to them. Users can also ask questions via the app to the local Powderhook community who, in turn, provide instant and “in the moment” responses.  

For instance, a fisherman might pose a question about where the fish are biting or what bait is best for fishing on a particular lake. Anonymous local fisherman can answer with exact or general information within seconds, without having to share anything more than they’re comfortable. The app also enables residents and visitors to purchase hunting and fishing licenses via links through the app. Free contour maps for Kansas lands and water, local events and a community of outdoor-loving users enable people, regardless of their experience level, to quickly get the fishing and hunting answers they need.

“We’re eager to offer residents and visitors an easy way to access information about the outdoor opportunities in Kansas,” said Richard Smalley, Tourism Marketing Manager at the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism. “People are using their mobile phones for a growing percentage of the things they need. Having outdoor opportunities in the mix in a fun and interesting way is an important means to get people started and keep them engaged with the outdoors.  From hunting and fishing to general outdoor recreation, the Powderhook app gives Kansans local, current outdoor information they cannot get elsewhere. We’re the first state to adopt this new technology and it’s exciting for our agency.”

In addition, active users of the app can earn access to even more discounts and offers. Each action within the app earns “cred” loyalty points. These points are used to unlock different offers and discounts from Powderhook partners. For example, Cabela’s, one of the nation’s largest outdoor retailers, is offering Kansas users a chance to win $1,000 in gift cards.

“Helping new participants access the outdoors has become a hot topic among the 50 state fish and wildlife agencies,” said Eric Dinger, founder of Powderhook. “With the Powderhook app, we are opening the doors to new opportunities and engaging more people in the outdoors. Being new to activities like hunting, fishing, shooting or camping can be tough. Having access to an online community that provides real-time, accurate information makes the process easier and more enjoyable. Powderhook promises to help get people out into the outdoors more often, and that’s something we think everyone involved can get behind.”



Eric Dinger – Powderhook

Richard Smalley – Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism


Let’s say we completely ban guns

Our country has a huge problem. Mass killings are disgusting and we need to investigate every possible solution to reversing what is a growing trend. According to some sources there have been over 300 mass killings in the last 300 days. In our great nation, innocent people should not be dying in their schools, movie theaters,  places of work or at their finish lines. That much is very simple and a fact on which we can all agree. It’s pathetic.

Let’s say we completely ban guns. Continue reading Let’s say we completely ban guns

Powderhook’s “Yik Yak for the outdoors” marks a major pivot


After trying out a web-based marketplace for hunting and fishing on private land, Powderhook is trying a whole new approach to their mission–a “Yik Yak for the outdoors.”

Until now, Powderhook has been developing a web-based platform that helps people find places to hunt and fish on private lands. What the company discovered is that young people who use technology are not interested in paying for access to land, and the people who own the land are less likely to use technology to solve problems.

“[We’ve decided] instead of trying to get a person who doesn’t want to use tech to sell access to a person who doesn’t want buy it, let’s get two people together who really want access and get them talking to each other,” said Eric Dinger, Founder of Powderhook. Continue reading Powderhook’s “Yik Yak for the outdoors” marks a major pivot


As the waterfowl migration begins to heat up, Waterfowl Tracker announced the availability of location-based push notifications for inclement weather and migration reports.

Here’s how it works:

First users click to open the side bar and select “Get Notifications.” Then the hunter selects the city or state and the distance from the area they’re interested in. For example, within 100 miles of St. Louis. Next, the user can choose which notifications they wish to receive. Current options include; Peak Reports, All Reports and Weather Alerts. Continue reading WATERFOWL TRACKER UPDATE: MIGRATION REPORT AND WEATHER PUSH NOTIFICATIONS LIVE

Powderhook App Updates

Over the past couple of weeks at Powderhook we have gotten a lot of great feed back from friends, partners, and all of our users which we took and used to make some cool new app updates. You can find these new app updates on Deer Tracker, and Waterfowl Tracker.

unnamed-1Ability to “Like” and comment on reports. 

The “Liking” feature is a fun way to let other hunters know that you appreciate the information they provided. This will encourage them to keep making quality reports. The commenting is useful as means of information sharing. You can ask questions on pretty much anything. “What method were you using? Where you using any decoys or attractants? What gear were you wearing in that cold of weather?”

Receive push notifications. 

Push notifications are going to change the way you hunt and receive information. Not only will you receive push notifications about app updates and general news, we have developed a system where you can set your own locations, radius and type of information you receive.

Set Locations: This will be your hunting location(s). unnamedYou are allowed to add multiple locations to receive reports from giving you an immediate insight for that area.

Set Radius: In what mile radius do you want to receive reports from? You can pick anywhere from 10 miles to 200 miles.

Notifications: You now can decide what notifications you want to receive from each of the locations you have entered. You can select any combination of 3 options. The first option is weather alerts which will give you major weather patterns affecting your locations. Next you can get just peak reports in those areas which are reports that happen around the best hunting time during the season. And finally you can receive all reports within the radius’ of your locations. This is awesome for people who want to see every detail people have to say about your locations’ general area.

All of these changes are live on Android and the web versions of the apps. The iPhone versions will be available next time you get an update. Apple makes us wait 8 days before those can go live.


Just as duck seasons open around the country, a new tool for sharing information about the migration is ready to go.
Cabela’s and Powderhook are pleased to announce the launch of “Waterfowl Tracker,” a free app that allows hunters to monitor waterfowl migration activity and harvest reports in their neck of the woods, and up and down their flyway.

Highlighted features of the app include four heat maps optimized for waterfowl migration. Eric Dinger, CEO of Powderhook, says it’s set up that way for an important reason.

“Each waterfowl species migrates at a slightly different time,” said Dinger. “We engineered the app such that users can see a map specifically built for mallards, other ducks, dark geese and light geese. In time we believe users will really enjoy the ability to differentiate the snow goose migration from the Canada migration”

Other features include observation and harvest reports, though the app makes it impossible to pinpoint the exact location of a single report. Powderhook CEO Eric Dinger said waterfowl hunters will appreciate the ability to contribute to the overall improvement of waterfowl hunting while not having to give up any of their personal information.

“As a waterfowl hunter, the last thing I want to do is give someone the specific location of where I’m hunting. So, we don’t use pins, and our heat map blurs the user’s location by anywhere from 20 to 40 miles,” said Dinger.

Waterfowl Tracker is a free app, thanks to a partnership with Cabela’s. According to Dinger, the team at Cabela’s and many others throughout the country played an important role in contributing to the design of the app.

Waterfowl Tracker contains several hundred reporters we call Insiders, and these individuals are field employees and pro staff members of our partner brands,” said Dinger. “Their feedback and on-going participation in the app helped us get to where we are today, and Insiders will continue to add insightful reports people can rely on. Users of the app will notice the logo of the Insider’s affiliated company on the reports these individuals generate.”

While the app is free, users are able to upgrade the app for $2.99 to include Powderhook’s database of over 650,000 public hunting grounds. Additional features available via the upgrade include the ability zoom as far as possible and several others to be announced in the coming weeks.

“Hunters play the biggest role in conservation efforts across this country through purchasing licenses, firearms and ammunition,” said Dinger. “These days, a hunter may only have limited time to prepare for and plan a hunt. We want to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for an enjoyable time outdoors, so they continue to carry on our hunting heritage.”

Waterfowl Tracker is available for download through the Google Play and Apple App stores and can be accessed without the app via on desktop devices.

Species specific heat maps. Pins for your reports, no pins for the reports made by other people.


Timeline view of reports near you, or near any area you want to research.

Weather, wind, pressure and other data is automatically appended to reports based on the time and location of the report.

Some of Our favorite Deer Tracker Harvest Reports

QDMA Deer Tracker is off and running! If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, visit and give it a look.

We recently kicked off a little contest with Bushnell to celebrate the deer of the past. One of the cool features we came across was the app will add weather information to dates you put in from the past. Many of us have probably talked about keeping a journal over the years. But, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t done it. I recently uploaded a deer I shot in 2012. The app added all of the weather information from that day for me… and just like that I had my journal!

Try it out! We’ve got a sweet Wireless Bushnell Trophy CamHD to give to one lucky winner who uploads a deer from their past. We’ll give it away next week.

Now, here are some of our favorite stories we’ve seen in the app so far.

A soldier's last deer before active duty.
A soldier’s last deer before active duty.
A Father/Daughter hunt etched in a young woman's memory.
A Father/Daughter hunt etched in a young woman’s memory.
An ethical hunter and his three year battle with a giant.
An ethical hunter and his three year battle with a giant.

Keep sharing these stories. They’re so much fun to read, and every one of them contributes to the on-going research we’re doing with QDMA.

Shoot straight,