Cabelas Goes Fishing with a Pro Guide Spinning Combo Giveaway

Cabelas continues to prove why they are the absolute best at engaging with their audience with another well-timed Powderhook PRO Contest.  This time, they gave away one of their Pro Guide Spinning Combos. This was a quick-hitter giveaway between two larger ones, just to keep the momentum going. This contest proves not all giveaways need to be high dollar items. Even something as simple as a new fishing rod during peak fishing season can engage an audience and direct their attention in the right place. Like with all of Cabelas’ contests, they were quick to re-target the entrants by directing them to their custom Cabelas Tackle Shop landing page to help raise product awareness for their entire line of fishing gear. Cabelas excels at directing new email entrants to specific landing pages designed to draw potential customers farther into their funnel. All entrants to contests like this will quickly receive special offers and email links to landing pages that may fit their interests.

The retail value for the Cabelas Pro Guide Spinning Combo was $79.98. The contest began on July 1, 2017 and ran through August 7, 2017, targeting fishermen and women during peak season.

Contest Analysis:

  • 208 organic entries from users
  • 494 total entries
  • Extra entries from users liking Cabelas on Facebook, visiting the custom Cabelas Tackle Shop landing page, and subscribing to Cabelas’ YouTube channel
  • Total retail cost: $79.98
  • Cost per organic entry/email address: $0.38 (at retail dollars)

To reach this number of users, the contest was shared through Powderhook’s weekly newsletter, Powderhook’s social media channels (including the Powderhook app), and Cabelas social media and current customer base.


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